Great Music Captured (G4)

Picture a typical night in your own place of residence, flat or wherever you have the pleasure of rotting away this mundane existence. The thought of having to sit through another Netflix below-average-brain-diminishing shit flick has a tendency bring out that suppressed depression that you now realise is just conscious thought.

Don't even think about watching the news - that ship has sailed - the people in control of our future will pass on their damning warrants via the medium of an Instagram Story. There is a slight possibility you may feel a slight prick on your soul as the final rusty nauseating nail is ultimately drilled. The last words spluttered will in fact, by a cruel twist of fate, come from a sensible genuinely honest place. Something like, ''The world is fucked'' could go down through the ages and be cemented alongside the likes of ''I think, therefore I am''. 

Whether or not the stories, theories or unimaginable terror-stricken narratives are true, I would be inclined to reserve judgement until all the facts are laid out plain and hind-sighted. That way no one will be making a fool of themselves...much. The only way we are all making out this alive is if we don't stick together, every man, woman and child for themselves. After all, we all die alone anyway, why stop there? I guess the question you should ask yourself is how far does it have to go for me to stop giving a fuck about other people's lives? The answer to this doesn't ever need to be spoken aloud, we all have a threshold. However I predict that some have a worryingly shorter fuse than others.

Naturally, the next step in our evolution is to live bi-curiously through our idealistic avatars while being drip fed smooth government approved GMO supplements while simultaneously being wanked off by the new Chugbot 2.0. As fun as this sounds, I reckon there will be drawbacks. Such as where will all the good music come from? 

With this in mind there is a new playlist I would like to share with you, one which partially numbs the inevitable bark of the end-of-days-as-we-know-it dog for around 45 minutes. Containing such outstanding musical talent I would hold the speakers close to your soul to determine or not if there actually is hope for us all, in a spiritual sense and just generally. It is the fourth instalment of the 'Great Music Captured' Playlists and by far it is the most inspired.

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