GMcG Music Videos

The 'TRUTH IS OUT' and it is here to stay, at least for 8 something minutes that is. Joanne McGuinness singing lead vocals.


'VELVET JAM' - A groovy instrumental song that features a neat sounding organ combined with a lo-fi overdriven guitar.


'1984' features Joanne McGuinness & Scott Miller taking lead vocals, a dystopian disco hit for the ages.
'MY TREE INSTRUMENTAL (GUITARISIZER)' - a spaced out dreamy summertime track filmed in Toronto with friends.
'THE TEMPTATION' - a psychedelic pop song that explores a much relatable subject. Available on Spotify
'LYNDSAY' - Inspired by a drunken escapade which was in fact an anti climax.
'THE UNIVERSE IS OUR PLAYGROUND' - Started out as a straight forward card game with an outrageous forfeit, the story collapses and madness ensues. Listen on Spotify.