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The Lazarites

The Lazarites are a three piece alternative rock band from Glasgow, formed in late 2019 and only managing the opportunity to play one gig before the world went into meltdown they have spent much time in the studio establishing their own unique fuzz fuelled occasionally psychedelic sound with outrageously meaty guitar solos, funky bass lines and thumping drum beats. This year, in 2020, they have released two singles I'm no Jesus Christ Bob Lazar and the Cynical Aliens - the music video for their Bob Lazar song recently won the Hangover Hill TV's Season 2 OriGenaros award which was voted by the public.

The Lazarites

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Petty Cassettes

Petty Cassettes

Fresh new Scottish band who are true to their roots, Petty Cassettes are making big impressions with their perfect mix of upbeat indie, punk rock 'n' roll and insanely catchy hooks. If you haven't already...go check them out. You'll not regret it...guaranteed yo make you move!

David Petty Cassettes King Tuts

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Gary McGuinness

Gary McGuinness YELT Album Cover

In September 2020, I released my second bedroom recorded album titled YELT - it kept me busy during lockdown and also features my talented big sister Joanne singing on three of the tracks and a special appearance from her fiancé Scott on the song 1984.

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