Story of Horus

Horus, among many things, was a musician. His somewhat estranged ever-changing music taste could be described as damn right outrageous, ranging from Upbeat Melody Induced Finger Drum Humming to Experimental Dust Whistling.
Horus's band, 'The Falcons' achieved relatively moderate success throughout the 3100s (BC) the high point being the release of their first single, 'Sun and Moon' which peaked in the Prehistoric Music Charts (PMC) at no. #86637 (A valiant position when you consider the competitive industry at the time). The Falcons follow up record (a tribute to his recently dismembered father), 'Catfish and the Penis' flopped, dismantling the bands reputation.
No one would take them seriously anymore, particularly Horus. The only way to win back the admiration of his previously-adoring fans he seemed was to take back the night from whom had taken it from him. Horus first divulged into his own mind and remained in a constant conflict between good and evil, bitter-sweetly winning his never-ending battle in the morning yet accepting defeat at night.
A brief stint as a snowboard instructor was his job during winter periods.  He never stopped making music though, sometimes when you wake up at the right time you can still hear the echo of his guitar.