Lafayette Hudson - 'When?' Album Review

Lafayette Hudson made an excellent contribution to music on December 12th 2018 - the day he released his first full length album titled 'When?'. This is a mature effort from the New Zealander with bold & beautiful songs which leave an impressive imprint in your mind and makes you inclined to keep an eye on this multi-talented instrumentalist. Absorbing imagery within his lyrics combined with magnificent musicianship, all throughout the record there are examples of his adaptability using numerous instruments which adds depth and keeps your senses occupied for the duration. This ten track debut is a great source of love, pain, joy, mystery and everything in between.

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The opening song, 'Prologue' is a powerful introduction, it slingshots you into the center of Lafayette's gripping vocals. This track is an epic kick off to the album, with an ending that contains a drum and brass section with dramatic proportions -  the follow up ''Oh, Carol'' is a pleasant song with a nice female backing and also the presence of an Omnichord, which is always good. It appears to be a love song about Carol with a heartfelt and pleasant Melodica riff then the song turns to the minor fall and with the repeat of ''I know I'm the second best'' ringing out, kind of breaks your heart but sounds great.


'Oh Carol' Single Cover - Nov 2018


Track 3, 'Yes' is a major shift in gear in the entire record it has a great bass line which complements the drums, especially at the change in tempo half way through the song. 'Faded Faces' has a lovely rugged quality with a superb brass section. Track 5 is called 'Alaskan Sunrise', it is a sublime guitar + vocals dreamy work of art - the drums do eventually kick in but only gently which works well. Continues a slightly darker theme in terms of his words.


'Yes' Single Cover - Nov 2018


'Kinda, yeah' is a slightly mysterious piece of work - when I first heard it my mind immediately went straight to 'Revolution 9' by The Beatles, perhaps with a pinch of salt. There is quite a nice piano part at the end which adds life into it. Track 7 is named 'Old Boy' this number has a booming bass and grabs you by the cuff only to shake you back on track of this ten song adventure. Following on to  'Silhouette' Lafayette provides a reminder he is a force to be reckoned with in terms of his song writing ability, this song takes you up, down, round and round & doesn't let you go - the backing vocal tracks come through nicely and guitar is impeccable. We come to the second last song, 'Superman is Getting Older' a seemingly soft rock influenced summer hit which tops off this album perfectly - great guitar and vocals again from Lafayette.



'Honey, I'm running late' is the final track of this album, it was also released as a single June 11th 2018. The flow of guitar playing really sets the tone with exquisite vocals to accompany it - an interesting song it captures the true essence of the record overall and ends the album fantastically. It is a magnificent collection of songs and something to be proud of as a first full length piece of work. I look forward to hear more of Lafayette in the future.


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