Griffin Swank

If you are looking for a down-to-earth multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter then look no further than Griffin Swank. Swank's musical career was written for him from a young age; on his 9th birthday he was given the obligatory musicians' rite of passage parental gift of an electric guitar, and in so many words the rest is history. He talks of an early love for The Beatles on his own website - this can be pleasantly observed throughout his well crafted repertoire - the recently released music video for his song Madness actually features Griffin inside a Yellow Submarine.  

Griffin grew up around family friend & mentor, Randy Miller (4-Time Grammy Award Winning Producer) and his fascination with recording studios developed from a very young age. As you can imagine it wasn't long before Griffin & Randy started working together and in the summer of 2013, his debut album Pointing Fingers was released. After making this album Swank says he was inspired to complete the MediaTech Institute’s Recording Arts Program in 2014, pursuing him into ''increasingly versatile musical styles and perspectives within the entertainment industry''.

It was not until late-2019 that the world did in fact hear from Griffin musically again, however this brief hiatus was not due to idle hands, he was busy working as a Stage Manager/Production Assistant/Driver for a number of well known artists' tours namely Ed Sheeran & Ben Kwellar. The single which he released in Nov 2019, 'Changeis a snappy piano driven tune which was a taste for things to come in terms of Griffin's eclectic style, it is featured on his second album 'Hubble Space Parade' released June 2020.



The infamous second album syndrome has clearly had no effect on young Swank - this piece of music is a highly mature effort which showcases his sublime key-playing ability as well as a solid approach to his songwriting craft. Dare I say it, the album has a slight Sgt Peppers feel at moments. I would have to say that my favourite songs are 'Park Bench' (features an awesome kazoo solo), 'Continually Blue' (contains some beautiful organ playing) & 'River of Love' (guitar solos are well placed and inspiring). 


It is uplifting to see artists like Griffin Swank continue to experiment with sound and maintain a 'business as usual' approach during the pandemic - you will catch him performing on Rockwood Music Hall's Facebook Live Steam Concert on Monday August 3rd.

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