''The land of the long white cloud, steaming with sounds from its misty hilltops and cliff faces to the shores and bays of its waters. Horizone was formed amidst this. Josh Burke (vocals/guitar), Matt Kennedy (lead guitar), Matt Coleman (bass), Tyler Swali Robbins (drums), and Saba Charles (keys) have commenced on a journey under the demand of its fans to create a funky, soulful dubby clash of genres culminating in a crisp tune to the earlobe.
Drawn together like a scene from The Avengers; a once duo Josh and Matty 'Burke and Cole' stumbled upon another said duo Tyler and Matt 'Funk The Police' during their study in the shaken town of Christchurch. The bond was made as all four members bore gifts that the others needed. However the glue to this chaos was not present. Hence Saba was invited to the team. After spending 6 months in the pub scene the band curated their own sound and are now on the steady up and up to freely release their tracks as they see fit.''


Horizone are a group of seriously talented musicians from Christchurch New Zealand who produce a such powerful sound that soon enough even your Granny is going to ask you to share the link to their Spotify on the family WhatsApp group. Cultivating a sincere blend of rock, reggae, pop & with elements of hip-hop - Horizones' modus operandi is real funky down to earth jams accompanied by Josh Burke's eclectic vocals. They've been part of the local music scene in Christchurch for a few years now and have established themselves as one of the best bands in town.

The drummer Swali, an artist in his own right is a musically trained multi-instrumentalist who happens to know his way about a loop pedal extremely well - he has been known to get the party started at their live shows on occasion with his solo performances. Matt Kennedy, the lead guitarist, always has something interesting up his sleeve and not just from from a musical perspective. He clearly enjoys experimenting with different styles & tones which shine through on their studio recordings and also live performances. He keeps you intrigued regarding the evidently wide variety of his influences and just like Frusciante is to the Chili Peppers, Matt's contribution to Horizones' overall sound is absolutely complimentary.

In 2017, the band released their debut single 'Make or Break' - a soothing track with some excellent vocals from Josh and a tantalizing key solo from Saba. They did not disappoint either with follow up releases 'Can't Hide' & 'Mark My Words' and thus these were the initial building blocks of the groups first official EP 'Make or Break'.

 Make or Break - the first single off the debut EP


2018 was a fantastic year for the band, one highlight being a gig in January where they supported the NZ X Factor finalist & psychedelic rock outfit 'Brendon Thomas and The Vibes' at the famous Wunderbar in Lyttelton NZ. After this they went back to the studio to begin work on their upcoming EP 'Northern Lights' to which 3 tracks; 'Summt', 'Hey Waiter' & 'Gravity' have been released on music platforms. They exceed expectation with regards to quality of musicianship and after listening you begin to hear a signature sound that has blossomed over the years. With many exciting events on the horizone such as an upcoming tour of their home soil (shown below) the forecast looks bright for this superb five piece band.


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