Dirt (Kumbaya)

GMcG Records proudly presents a new music video release from Dr. Zaius Band.

'Dirt (Kumbaya)' - Filmed at La Nau Studios, Barcelona.

Gary McGuinness (Guitar/Vocals)

Marion Jolivet (Bass)

Arthur Hook (Drums/Director)

The Dr. Zaius Band came together when Arthur came up to my flat one idol Saturday night through the contact of a mutual friend of Marion's. Being rather tipsy that night if I remember correctly we engaged in a heated argument because he said he didn't like The Beatles. Let's just say it didn't start well. However that being said we did jam a few Pixies songs together so there was foundations of a possible music project. Sharing a love for many different bands we started jamming together and both writing material. Over the next few months many drinks were shared, guitars purchased, bouncers verbally abused, fire extinguishers set off, open mics attended, neighbours complained, Vermouth drank, Simpsons quoted & most importantly solid friendships formed. The Dirt (Kumbaya) song was written by myself and good friend Martin Forrest a few years back in Coatbridge but never properly recorded, when Arthur heard the song we decided to to hit the studio and record it with of course Marion taking the bass for a walk...

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